Christine Ruck


Occupation: Public Policy Advocate

Occupational Background: 30 years Quality Assurance Management, Industrial Engineering, Business Process Auditor

Educational Background: Michigan Technological University, University of Phoenix, LBCC

Prior Governmental Experience: 2012-2017 Linn County Budget Committee, Lebanon Airport Layout Plan, Lebanon Master Transportation Planning, 2012-2016 Linn County Citizen Review Board, appointed by OR Supreme Court

Jobs and Reviving our Economy

Who will create more jobs in Oregon if the legislature continually increases taxes and costly regulations?

Oregonians want jobs and they take pride in providing for their families.

Chris Ruck will focus on invigorating our private sector economy. Innovators and job creators need to be welcome in Oregon. We can be green and employed simultaneously.

Spending Wisely, Serving Oregon's Citizens

What is so complicated about saving money by doing things right the first time?

Oregonians expect necessary services to be provided at a reasonable cost and keep everyone safe. Audit reports continue to uncover mismanagement, overspending and neglect of foster children and the elderly. It must stop.

Chris Ruck is dedicated to meeting our obligations and commitments for education, healthcare, public saftey, veterans and disabled services. If Oregon curtails waste and mismanagement we can afford to fund programs and stop increasing taxes.

Getting our Priorities Right

Why are the majority legislators ignoring what people need and worshipping their wish list agenda?

Oregon's vortex of repeated failures is a moral catastrophe dumped on our children, our elderly and our homeless. Oregon is failing her citizens. Fund Education and Healthcare first in every session.

Chris Ruck is a leader with problem solving capabilites for difficult problems. She cares enough to roll up her sleeves and work on the priorities that benefit everyone. Doing the right thing needs to be our default approach, failure is not an option.

I’m asking for your vote to have the honor of being your State Senator.
— Chris